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Hi. Great to have you here !! Welcome to P N Ventures. 

When we were planning this venture, we were very sure that we did not want to have conventional building products website. We wanted to show and exhibit the products which we believe in and which stand apart from the crowd. We quickly realized that not a single company would have product assortment like we would have here. Love for design, love for detail and somewhere hidden entrepreneurial spirit decided our fate and that’s how P N Ventures was born.

Interior building products industry is full of people and organizations telling you what you should buy and what you should use rather than letting you design. Isn’t that the main thing we want from designers and yet we try to feed what you should be doing? We don’t believe in HAVE-TOs. We encourage exposure to the intricacies in design, which work and will deliver. Designs can be brilliantly beautiful and yet functional.

Come visit us in Boutique of some of the finest designer products from all over the world. We assure this is beginning of many to come which will have you thinking HOW and HOW SOON we can have incorporated in our design plan..

We are professional people who have more than decade of experience in the industry and have worked PAN India. We have experience in products ranging from false ceilings, floorings to exterior façade.