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Artois FRP customized works

FRP description Fiberglass (or fibreglass) is a type of fiber reinforced plastic where the reinforcement fiber is specifically glass fiber. The glass fiber may be randomly arranged but is commonly woven into a mat. The plastic matrix may be a thermosetting plastic- most often epoxy, polyester resin.

Fiberglass is a strong lightweight material and is used for many products. Although it is not as strong and stiff as composites based on carbon fiber, it is less brittle, and its raw materials are much cheaper. Its bulk strength and weight are also better than many metals, and it can be more readily molded into complex shapes. Applications of fiberglass include, aircraft, boats, automobiles, bath tubs and enclosures, hot tubs, septic tanks, water tanks, roofing, pipes, cladding, casts, surfboards, and external door skins. Other common names for fiberglass are glass-reinforced because glass fibre itself is sometimes referred to as "fiberglass", the composite is also called "fiberglass reinforced plastic.

Materials and composites used for product are to international standards.

To ensure that the product walls do not bulge out or crack at pressure points

Extra reinforcement is provided at appropriate pressure points depending upon the size, shape & design.

Products are ultra-violet resistant.

High quality is adopted for the gel coat layer to avoid cracks.