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BOLON Woven vinyl floorings

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It could be its beautiful appearance and unique ability to create 3D effects and shifting patterns by reflecting light. It might be its durability and practicality. We like to think it’s the sum of these and many other factors that make Bolon a world leader in alternative to textile flooring.

From office spaces to hotels, retail outlets, healthcare facilities, educational establishments and much more, Bolon is the high-end designer flooring solution that best meets your needs and the future alternative to textile floor coverings. Whichever way you look at it, there are many reasons to compare Bolon flooring favourably with its competitors – here are a selection we hear most often from satisfied customers across the world.


  1. Adds architectural and design values to a surface traditionally restricted to standard solutions.
  2. Our unique weaving technology lets us create 3D effects, patterns and colours that play with light and create energetic, dynamic settings. Bolon has an attractive textile feel.
  3. High durability protects your investment and prolongs product life. All Bolon flooring carries an EN685 class 32 or 33 tag, which meet the requirements for high traffic areas.
  4. Produced with easy installation in mind.
  5. Easy to care for and maintain – cleaning Bolon flooring requires no special or harmful chemical agents.
  6. Bolon’s floors are certified as meeting all the standards for floor coverings in public buildings. Bolon offers a Bfl-S1 fire resistance and improved impact sound insulation up to 17 dB.
  7. All floors are designed and manufactured at our plant in Ulricehamn, Sweden which guarantees  100% quality ensurance.
  8. A clear and consistent vision for our environmental commitment is set out in Bolon® Green.
  9. The majority of our collections fulfil many of the world’s most stringent environmental certifications including GreenTAG, FloorScore and BREEAM.

    10.  All Bolon collections are phthlate free. (Environment friendly)